Play: The power of communication through the body

Play about the power of body communication

The audience enter a room and stand around, keeping a corner free with a simple tape fence on poles and a door.

The lights dim a little in the room so everyone knows the performance is about to start.

Out comes a young woman or man, looking tired and with clothes not well kept. They light up when they see the people, they speak a language unknown to everyone, they appear to be happy that the people will help them. They come up to individuals and show thanks and wonder.. they speak but no one understands, they try, they slow down their speech and explain their pain, suffering, happiness that it might soon be all over, they show gratitude that you have come to help. But soon, they show that they understand the people are not here to help, they are hear to watch, to enjoy a show, they are not going to be saved by these people They cry, lash out, break down, lie on the ground. Give up. Sob. Roll over and ignore the audience for a while. A light comes on behind the door, we hear the words, come, come, lunch time, in a voice, inflections of an animal handler. They get off the floor, look at the audience, will anyone save me? Not one? Can no one cross the line of tape? Defeated they return to the doorway and enter, the door closes behind them.

Audience thoughts: Was this a caged animal trying to communicate but we didn’t understand. Why couldn’t I help, why didn’t I cross the simple barrier? Why did I feel their emotions so deeply when I didn’t understand a word? Information is by speech, sharing emotions are through the body.

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