Pi HIVE racetrack monitor

Hive Requirements:

  • Drive 2 Displays with times
  • Leaderboard - Best over last 7 days.
  • Ability to enter 3 letters for high score.

Making changes

Turn on Phone open Personal Hotspot. Get Keyboard and mouse from Storage room

Pi Software: Login - hive Password - ulverstone

Keyboard and Mouse: The wireless keyboard LED doesn’t turn on, the keys work. The mouse needs the small switch under it to be ON.


Control + Shift then “+” multiple times to make the screen text larger to see from afar.

Change desktop wallpaper

  1. Right click on the desktop and select Desktop preferences
  2. There are two tabs, each for one monitor.
  3. Click on the box next to Picture to select a new image.

Pi Initial Setup

Audio Config

sudo raspi-config System Settings Change Audio Output from 3.5m jack to HDMI Output

Monitor configuration

  1. Pi logo->Configuration->Monitors
  2. Make sure the screen layout matches the physical monitors.
  3. Pi logo->Preferences->Raspberry Pi Configuration->Display
    1. Turn off Screen Blanking. - We don’t want the monitors to turn off.


Menu > Preferences > Raspberry Pi Configuration > Interfaces Turn on SSH and VNC VNC Password “science” Reference: https://medium.com/@thedyslexiccoder/setting-up-a-vnc-screen-share-on-a-raspberry-pi-and-a-mac-10c1635df5dc

Rotate Desktop Images

https://github.com/varietywalls/variety To change the wallpaper, please add/remove files in the Pictures folder that is in the home directory.

Sensor Setup

The sensors can be powered by 3.3V or 5V. Due to the long length of the wire from the PI to the first sensors, 5V has been chosen from the 5V supply on the Pi Board. The Collector/Receiver will pull the signal wire DOWN/UP when the beam is broken.


Use a mobile phone camera to confirm there is power to the sensors. The IR light bean can be seen with the phone camera.


aplay CrowdCheer.wav

Signal from sensors

Orange - Left Track Green - Right Track

PIN 7 - Right Finish PIN 13 - Left Finish

PIN 11 - Left Start PIN 15 - Right Start

Git setup

All configuration files live in ~/Scripts

  • git add -A
  • git commit -m “what happened”; git push

Personal GIT:

Power to sensors

CAT 5 Blue is 5V to both Transmitter and Receiver. This is due to the length of wire.

Blue/White GND from Transmitter Green/White GND from Collector #1 Orange/White GND from Collector #2

Parts used:

Total cost minus Labour: $215.70

Wiring to sensors: CAT 5 Ethernet cable Blue - Positive 5v to IR Transmitters. Blue/white Neg 5V to IR Transmitters

Log: 2023-07-25 Attach Power wires to 5V.

Time Committed:

  • 2023-07-25
  • 5 hours - Researching, purchasing, and building Pi.