Information on our house

Products Used


Shower Base:

  • Versa-Tile - Shower tile-over tray
  • Made in Australia
  • 1m x 1m
  • Due to concrete being uneven after demo, AUS-Flex Multi Adhesive was used to adhere base to concrete.

Bathroom Walls:

  • Villaboard sheets 6mm
  • Dunlop Primer and Additive over Besser blocks and plaster walls.
  • Dunlop Primer and Additive over Villaboard sheet to wall for stud adhesive
  • Intex Megagrip Stud Adhesive + Strews in sheets to wall.

General research

Outdoor fencing and garden timber

What is the difference between ACQ and LOSP timber treatments?

We don’t want to use CCA due to the human health risks.

ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quaternary) and LOSP (Light Organic Solvent Preservative) are two different types of timber treatments used to protect wood from decay and insect infestation. Here are the main differences between them:

  1. Chemical Composition: ACQ is a water-based treatment that contains copper and quaternary ammonium compounds. On the other hand, LOSP is an oil-based treatment that contains organic solvents and biocides such as fungicides and insecticides.

  2. Application Method: ACQ is typically applied through a pressure treatment process, where the wood is placed in a sealed chamber and the treatment solution is forced into the wood under high pressure. LOSP, on the other hand, is applied through a dip or spray method, where the wood is immersed or coated with the treatment solution.

  3. Environmental Impact: ACQ is considered to be more environmentally friendly compared to LOSP. It is free from heavy metals and has a lower toxicity level. LOSP, on the other hand, contains organic solvents that can release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the environment.

  4. Durability: Both ACQ and LOSP provide effective protection against decay and insects. However, ACQ-treated wood is generally considered to have better long-term durability and resistance to weathering compared to LOSP-treated wood.

  5. Applications: ACQ-treated wood is commonly used for outdoor applications such as decking, fencing, and landscaping. LOSP-treated wood, on the other hand, is often used for interior applications such as furniture, joinery, and flooring.

Couple of reviews for LOSP treated timber on Bunnings website showed rotting after 9 years of use.


Bathroom Heat Lamps

  • 2023-08-15 Replaced 275W Bulb on toilet side with Mirabella 275W Globe from Mitre10. Box says 1000 Hours avg life.

Baseboards / Skirting

Bullnose $5.40m $14.60 Porta 66 x 11mm 2.7m Moulding White Pine FJ Primed Bullnose

  • 15m Master bedroom
  • 16.8 Bedroom
  • 14 Bedroom
  • 23 Lounge
  • 7 Dining
  • 15m Hallway = 91 / 2.7 = 34 pieces * 13.87 = $472



We have installed hybrid floorboards. This has left a gap between the floorboards and the wall between 5-10mm. The Door trim is 10mm (1cm) from the wall. We don’t want to see a substantial rise from the doorframe to the baseboard.

Looked at “Coverstrip” moulding as it’s 8mm. However, after looking around at the hybrid floor planks, that will not cover all the gaps, although it would look nice against the doorframe.



If 8mm was ok:


  • Need to take Motorhome as 2.7m won’t fit in car.
  • Use cornice cement - Allowing boards to be easily removed should boards need taking up.
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