A day in the future

The lights slowly get brighter. Starting at 6 AM and full brightness at 6:30.

The temperature in the room moves from mild to warm, making the transition from bed to room easy with minimal distress.

A fun and happy song play in the background throughout the house. Creating endorphins for the occupant.

The shower starts at the perfect temperature as the human walks into the ensuite. A fresh fluffy white town is dispensed from the heater rack. A clothes shoot opens to take the bedtime clothes and closed once the human enters the shower.

The shower temperature is maintained until the last 1 minute, then decreases to help with the transition out and helps with waking. The shower immediately stops when the door is opened.

Today’s clothes are ready on the rack, auto-picked based on the weather today and the calendar of events.

A calendar of today’s appointments and projects is displayed in the mirror. Including health information from the night before. These include Sleep time; Weight (from the bed sensors); Body temperatures; BMI; REM information (from cameras); Skin moisture (which feeds into humidity controls in the room); and movement sensors to predict waking time.

Breakfast is ready in the kitchen. Timed to cook perfectly when the shower has finished. The aroma of freshly cooked food moves to the bedroom to awaken the senses. The induction cooktop refrigerates the food in the saucepans overnight and then switches to cook at the right time. A spatula is lowered and turns back and forward like a mixer to move the food from bottom to top.

Tea/Coffee is automatically made in the kitchen. A set of cups are on a rotating base, allowing each one to the filled and kept warm.

The dishwasher, which is also the plate and cutlery storage area has washed yesterday’s items and kept them warm and ready for the next day. Removing the need for additional storage areas.

After breakfast, the used items are placed into the dishwasher/storage area. This will auto-clean, ready for the next meal.

An autonomous vehicle is ready at the front entrance, linked to the calendar and ready to take the human to their next appointment.

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