Microsoft Windows Information

Sharing screen to a MacOS X Laptop

  1. On the device you want to connect to, open Settings.
  2. Select System and then Remote Desktop.
  3. Use the slider to enable Remote Desktop.
  4. Download Microsoft Remote Desktop on the Mac OS X
  6. I had to create a local account to access Windows 11 Pro from Mac.
    1. IN Users, select sign in as local account, then enter the new password.
  7. Remote Desktop User: The username (No @ or PC Info. Username only.
  8. Remote Desktop Pass: The one entered previously.
  9. Connect.

List users on a Windows 11 PC

net user

Using Linux Filesystems

Physical Drive Setup

Physical Drive 0 4TB Physical Drive 1 1TB P2 SSD Physical Drive 2. 1TB P5 SSD Physical Drive 3. 1TB P2 SSD

Mounting WSL LUKS Linux Drives (Encrypted)

  • (Admin) wsl –mount \\.\\PHYSICALDRIVE2 –bare
  • 4TB NS5
  • (Admin) wsl –mount \\.\\PHYSICALDRIVE0 –bare

Screenshot of active window

WindowsKey Shift S

Burn Clear Linux ISO to USB Thumb Drive

  • Clear Linux has a step by step guide in the documentation

Install Clear Linux under Windows 11

  • Download VMWare Workstation Player

Get rid of News and Adverts in Windows 11

Boot Linux within Windows 11 from a Linux filesystem on a separate drive

Oh I might not need this afterall: Might be able to access my linux drives under WSL

Test 1: Download VMWare Workstation Player Refuses to access the Linux Disk.

Test 2: Using Virtual Box 7.0.8

  1. Install Virtual Box
  3. Looks like that might work, but I need to create a VMDSK file.
  5. Got it to see physical partition, using Clear Linux Live DVD. But very slow trying to access information.
  6. Failed to get Clear Linux Live to book correctly. its not happy under VM.
  7. Installing Ubuntu as a virtual disk as I know it works fine. Then trying to access the physical drives.
  8. Ubuntu installed without any issues in Virtual Box windows 11.
  9. Skipping to TEST 4 as this will be safer than accessing raw drives under emulation.

Test 3: Using Hyper V on Windows 11

  1. Setup Hyper V
  2. Can’t see the physical drive when adding a disk.
  3. Web Search says to offline disk, however Windows Disk Manager is refusing.

Test 4: Using WSL to access LUKS Encrypted drives.

  2. Installed WSL.
  3. Ahh something is buggered up, store won’t work, ubuntu won’t download..
  4. Doing a Reset - Keep documents.
  5. Works!!!

Windows 11 Reset this PC

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click on System.
  3. Click on Recovery on the right side.
  4. Under the “Recovery options” section, in the “Reset this PC” setting, click the Reset PC button to begin Windows 11 reinstallation.
  5. Select to keep Documents or wipe everything.

2023-07-16 Due to WSL and Windows Store failing to install ubuntu with access denied errors and a host of other errors, I decided to reinstall from scratch. Lets see what happens. Selected to Keep Documents.

  • Kept my Login info - only needed PIN
  • Installed Armoury Crate/AURA as per recommendation (Not sure if needed/bloatware)
    • Big install??
  • Installed Logitech Options+
  • WSL for Linux
    • YAY (user service) wsl –install -d Ubuntu worked! no errors
    • failed to launch - required linux kernel update. Downloaded and installed as recommended in error.
    • Installed Debian
      • Failed - Please ensure virtualisation is on
      • Opened windows feature and enabled Virtual Machine Platform. Restarting
    • wsl –install -d Ubuntu
      • Works!
    • Due to apt-get install errors for cryptsetup
  • wsl –shutdown
    • Trying to fix weird apt-get install errors for repositories
  • Ahh My time was in Unix UTC for Windows. Seems to muck up WSL
  • Bugger due to boot volume on Linux Disk, Windows won’t release it so that I can attach to WSL. Lucky I have 2 other drives to share under.. still…
  • 2023-07-17 Installed VLC for DVD Playback

Software install log

This is used to understand when problems start to occur. I can check back and see which windows application recently installed caused it.

  • 2023-07-17 VLC for DVD Playback
  • 2023-07-17 Visual Studio Code & Visual Studio Community 2022, 1Password, Google Chrome, Office 365 64 bit.
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