Notes for Training Onsite - In person

Planning to teach - What to remember

One Training - Ulverstone

Day Before

  • Login to Google Classroom and confirm worksheets and presentation is available.

Packing checklist

  • Bring Laptop bag
  • Laptop for presentation
  • HDMI Adapter for Laptop
  • USB-C Power Supply
  • iPad Pro - Used for workbook and as backup Laptop should anything go wrong.
  • Notepad and 2 x pens
  • USB - Thumb drive (if training Laptop)

On day checklist

  • Laptops available (If being used)
  • Laptops powered up and connected to WIFI
  • Workbooks printed (unless online)
    • Confirm correct version/copy
    • Place aside to be handed out at right time.
  • HDMI Working to display

As people arrive

  • Confirm they are on the list and mark them off.
  • Ask for copy of identification for RTO. Email to RTO.
  • Check for Google account details.
  • Provide sticky note with their Name for back of Laptop.
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