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  • MacOS 9
    • Excellent setup. No install. Share to local drive. Don’t close browser window, otherwise you need to start mac up again:-)
    • Love the ability to share a folder and drag and drop.
    • UTM - Installed from App Store and booted MacOS 9 UTM image from website. No Sound, crashes when sound is enabled.


Maelstrom Macsource Ports is the fastest gameplay. True to the original. Other options:

History of Video Games The idea is to play the top games by year over Xmas. Giving the kids a history of computer gaming.

TODO Install on Intel Mac.

1951 - NIM for the NIMROD computer, emulator/simulator available here

Unfortunately the program is for BeOS only, i’ve emailed the author and he’s no fan of Windows and will not be porting the program.

1952 - OXO for the EDSAC computer, emulator/simulator available here:

1958 - Tennis For Two, emulator/simulator available here: (Thanks to njb12287 for the link)

1959 - Mouse in the Maze & Tic-Tac-Toe for the TX-0 

MESS Emulates the TX-0, I appear to have found the games files (if that’s what you can call them) here

and here . However I cannot get them to run on MESS any suggestions ?

1962 - Spacewar! emulator/simulator available here: (Thanks to njb12287 for the link)

1969 - Space Travel - by Ken Thompson 

Really surprised at this, historically this seems a major milestone as it lead to the UNIX system, but I cannot find any emulator/simulator for it anywhere not even a screenshot of the game ? Would have thought this would have been ported to other systems and definitely would expect to be able play a version of it.


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