Tools we use


Streaming Entertainment - Monthly:

  • Netflix is $17 per month.
  • Stan is $16 per month. (Cancelled 21/1/2023)

Binge - We will never use this as the business owners don’t align with our values. Binge is a video streaming subscription service in Australia owned by Streamotion (a wholly owned subsidiary of Foxtel. Foxtel is owned by News Corp Australia (65%) and Telstra (35%). News Corp Australia is an Australian media conglomerate and a wholly owned subsidiary of the American News Corp. Founder Rupert Murdoch.

News Subscriptions:

AI Subscriptions:

  • Jasper - AI Writing help.

Productivity Tools

Screen Recording - Pro

  • Used for quickly creating posters to share

  • Used for accessing websites from different locations. Perfect for testing.

Currently, we use the free tier:

Paid for by giving away privacy:

  • Sharing videos and training.

  • Still one of the best email clients with fast searching. I wish Apple Mail could search correctly.

Open source/Free:

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