About David Robinson

My name is David Robinson, Adult/TAE Trainer in Northwest Tasmania.

Before moving into adult education, I worked for a global cloud computing corporation and developed a farming business in Northern NSW. These industries highlighted the need for developing additional people to support them, this led to the desire to help people and businesses improve their skills and productivity through training. When not teaching adults, I teach STEM to kids at the Ulverstone HIVE Science Centre and play/learn with our own 2 boys.

Business Activities

  • Worked as a Project/Program Manager at Amazon Web Services.
  • Lead teams to improve their business processes from a global level down to individual job functions.
  • Developed new software and hardware tools within Amazon to save time and money.
  • Interviewed hundreds of people for Technical, Business and Farming roles.
  • As a small business owner, I’ve done the HR, Payroll, P/L + accounts, SOPs, Business Plans, and the 18+ hour days when things go wrong.


I’ve done many activities over the years, here are the highlights:

  • Grew up on a Family Farm with broiler free range poultry and Simmental Stud Cattle.
  • Started an Internet Service Provider when Dialup (modems) was all the rage.
  • Worked for NSW Public Works department and connected the department to the Internet. (Showing my age)
  • Managed the family Free Range Poultry Farm and processing facility.
  • Worked with Amazon AWS in Sydney for 8 years. Living in the datacentres and growing the cloud.
  • Jennifer and I started a family and have two young boys.
  • We traveled in our motorhome during covid and knew Tasmania Central Coast was the place we wanted to settle down.

Community Activities

Before moving to Tasmania, I’ve been a member of the below groups:

  • Alstonville Ratepayers Association (Committee and President)
  • LINC TV - Community TV Station (Committee)
  • Summerland Amateur Radio Club (Committee)
  • 2NCR FM - North Coast Radio (Committee, President)
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