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2024 Change - Recommended to listen to one song at a time on repeat. Allowing the mind to relax and full absorb the music. Also allowing the rest of the mind to focus on work. Giving it a try. 2024-02-16 “Uptown Funk

  • Interesting, you spend hours and hours making something, only for others to come and say its also mine! How can anything be original these days. Yet AI can generate an Image and there is no copyright on the original authors used as input….. 2024-02-12 Harvey Danger - Flagpole Sitta
  • 2024-02-11 Mills Brothers “Paper Doll” 1943
  • The song was written in 1915 (although it was not published until 1930)
  • Sold 10m records… So even in 1915 men have wanted AI/Robot partners. 2024-02-07 The Knack “My Sharona” 1979
  • Doug Fieger, 25 at the time (the singer) fell in love with a girl from a clothing store named Sharona Alperin, 17 at the time, but they were both in relationships at the time. He broke up with his girlfriend and went after Sharona. They were messing around, although she was still in a relationship. They started dating a while after he wrote a few songs for her; including My Sharona, That’s What the Little Girls Do and (She’s So) Selfish. They were together for 5 years, but broke up when alcoholism took over Doug. They remained friends. 2024-02-05 Carl Douglas “Kung Fu Fighting” 1974
  • “Kung Fu Fighting," released in 1974 by Carl Douglas, is a catchy and upbeat song that often resonates with audiences due to its catchy melody and lively rhythm. While the song’s lyrics might seem to focus on martial arts and physical prowess, they can also be interpreted metaphorically. The true meaning of the song lies in embracing personal strength and courage in the face of challenges. The repetitive phrase “Everybody was kung fu fighting” underscores the idea that everyone has their own battles to fight, whether they’re physical, emotional, or metaphorical. The song encourages listeners to find their inner strength and face life’s adversities with determination and confidence, just as martial artists harness their skills and focus to overcome opponents. In this way, “Kung Fu Fighting” can be seen as an anthem of empowerment and resilience. 2024-02-02 Los del Río “Macarena” released in 1995 2024-02-01 The Beatles - I Want To Hold Your Hand - Performed Live On The Ed Sullivan Show

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  • Remember when adding to the playlist, place based on the year album released.

2023-10-19 Permanent Waves

2023-08-29 Dangerous_(Michael_Jackson_album)

  • music focusing on more socially conscious material
  • 5 million copies worldwide in its first week and went on to be the best-selling album worldwide of 1992
  • Jackson spent $10 million to record Dangerous
  • Five days before the album’s release, three men armed with guns robbed 30,000 copies from a Los Angeles warehouse

2023-08-14 Jagged Little Pill

2023-07-26 The Dark Side of the Moon_

2023-07-17 Speak Now (Taylors Version)

2023-07-12 Back in Black

  • Back in Black was an unprecedented commercial and critical success. It has sold an estimated 50 million copies worldwide,[2][3][4][5] making it one of the best-selling albums in music history.
  • one of the ten albums that helped reestablish the genre’s global popularity in 1980, which he called “the greatest year for heavy metal”.

2023-07-01 |Michael Jackson|Thriller|

  • Thriller foreshadows the contradictory themes of Jackson’s personal life, as he began using a motif of paranoia and darker themes. Paul McCartney appears on “The Girl Is Mine”, the first credited appearance of a featured artist on a Michael Jackson album.
  • Thriller became Jackson’s first number-one album on the US Billboard Top LPs & Tapes chart, where it spent a record 37 non-consecutive weeks at number one, from February 26, 1983, to April 14
  • Jackson wanted to create an album where “every song was a killer”. He was frustrated by albums that would have “one good song, and the rest were like B-sides … Why can’t every one be like a hit song? Why can’t every song be so great that people would want to buy it if you could release it as a single? … That was my purpose for the next album

2023-06-26 Spice Girls - Spice 1996

2023-06-18 Rush 2112 Recorded April 1, 1976

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