Jokes I thought were good enough to list here.

Why did the storm have no thunder? Because the lightning was on strike. Source: David Robinson

Did you hear that I got fired from the keyboard factory? Yep, apparently I wasn’t doing enough Shifts. Source: Yeah Mad

Why is Beef stew a bad password? Its not Strog-a-noff (beef stroganoff) Source: Yeah Mad

What did the Sushi say to the bee? What’s up bee?! (Wasabi?!) Source: Yeah Mad

To whom ever stole my Microsoft office, I will find you, you have my word!

What do you call a Chinese billionaire? Cha Ching! Source: Yeah Mad

What does a janitor yell when he comes out of the closet? Surplies! Source: Yeah Mad

A lion and a witch entered my wardrob. why? Its nania business. Source: Yeah Mad

I hate my job, All i do is crush cans all day. Its so’da depressing. Source: Yeah Mad

Why didn’t Harn Solo enjoy his steak? It was chewy. Source: Yeah Mad

I just found out i’m colour blind, the news came out of the purple! Source: Yeah Mad

Where are computer hackers buried when they die? In De Crypt! Source: Yeah Mad

Why did they cut off the WIFI at the farm? Because the cows kept downloading mooosic. Source: Yeah Mad

I was going to drive to the shop for some guacamole. I don’t hav a car doe Source: Yeah Mad

What sneakers do chickens wear? Ree–Bork (reebok) Source: Yeah Mad

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