Pi WIFI Hotspot

At the STEM Club - The building WIFI isn’t great and Minecraft Education has issues downloading Maps. The alternative is to use a 5G Phone as Hotspot, this works until the number of active users limit is reached. And it requires the Phone to stay in one place.

To solve this, a Raspberry Pi is used as a Hotspot WIFI Repeater, taking the data from the iPhone 5G and sharing it with NAT to the room.

Required: Raspberry Pi computer. 5G phone WIFI Dongle (We are using BrosTrend AC650 USB Wi-Fi Adapter)

Steps to setup: Connect builtin WIFI to 5G Phone Confirm the Internet is connected and websites come up. Make sure Pi is updated: sudo apt update sudo apt full-upgrade sudo shutdown -r now Install WIFI USB Dongle Software for AC650 wget deb.trendtechcn.com/install -O /tmp/installwifi.sh chmod +x /tmp/installwifi.sh sudo /tmp/installwifi.sh Had errors on installation, but this may have been due to a kernel update. I should have rebooted after the updates. Reboot - Both WIFI Adapters are connected to the WIFI.

sudo rasp-config
Network settings
Change to Network Manager
Save and reboot

Use onboard WIFI to connect to the local network. Use USB Dongle as WIFI Hotspot through the Network Menu bar. Perfect!