Washing and Drying

LG ThinQ Heat Pump

Model DVH5 08W - https://www.lg.com/au/clothes-dryers/lg-dvh5-08w https://www.choice.com.au/products/home-and-living/laundry-and-cleaning/dryers/lg-dvh5-08w


  1. Fill with clothes
  2. Put on Cotton (unless specific material ie towels)
  3. Change to Iron
  4. Start
  5. When Iron has ended, take out shirts and pants that wrinkle, shake and hang.
  6. Start Again on the Cupboard Dry Setting.


I’ve started using only Cotton, as Mixed (I think) was making the cotton clothes that might also be in the mix, shrink. I’d rather have a longer cycle for the clothes that don’t need it than shrink the ones that need a colder dry.


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