Minecraft Speedrun


In a Minecraft speedrun, your initial activities are crucial for setting up a successful and efficient run. Here’s a general guideline to get you started:

  1. Food and Survival Essentials: Gather food as soon as possible. Killing animals like cows, pigs, or chickens can provide quick sustenance. Also, collecting beds for the Ender Dragon fight is important if you’re playing in versions where this tactic is applicable.

  2. Iron and Coal: Look for iron ore and coal. Iron is essential for making better tools, weapons, and a bucket. Coal is necessary for smelting and torches.

  3. Finding a Lava Pool: For the Nether portal, you need a lava pool. Use the iron to make a bucket and use the bucket to create a Nether portal using the lava pool and water.

  4. Enter the Nether: Once in the Nether, your primary objective is to locate a fortress to obtain blaze rods, which are needed to make Eyes of Ender.

  5. Ender Pearls: You’ll also need Ender Pearls, which can be obtained by bartering with Piglins in the Nether or by killing Endermen.

  6. Finding the Stronghold: After getting blaze rods and Ender pearls, craft Eyes of Ender and use them to locate the stronghold.

  7. Enter the End Portal: In the stronghold, activate the End portal and enter it.

  8. Defeat the Ender Dragon: The final challenge of the speedrun is defeating the Ender Dragon. Use beds, arrows, and other strategies to defeat the dragon efficiently.

Remember, speedrunning Minecraft involves a lot of practice and sometimes luck, especially with world generation and resource distribution. Each run can be quite different, so adaptability is key. Good luck!

First Activity - Collect Basic Resources

Immediately gather wood from trees. This will allow you to craft basic tools like a wooden pickaxe. Need: Crafting Table 4 Planks required Need: Wooden Pickaxe 3 Planks 2 sticks

Second Activity - Crafting Essential Tools

After getting wood, crafting a crafting table, then quickly upgrade to stone tools by mining stone.

Need 3 x Stone Pickaxe (In case it takes a while to find Iron) 3 Cobblestone 2 Sticks Need Torches (for mining underground for Iron) Dig for Coal 10 Sticks (1 stick per 4 torches)