Training Offered

List of training courses I’m offering, either as a 1:1 or group training. (Cost is free for the first people requesting them, as I improve the content the courses value will increase. )


  • How to Market an Event on Social Media
  • Using to handle ticket sales
  • Creating a Facebook Page and Instagram account for sharing information
  • Advertising on Facebook and Instagram

Changing careers:

  • How to create a personal portfolio to fill experience gaps for job roles.
  • Using website to gain technical experience.
  • Creating a story arc within your resume.
  • Creating a professional email address for a good first impression. (consider .com too)


  • PC/Mac Microsoft Office Training (and many other applications)
  • How to create a good presentation (based on my TAFE Course)
  • How to present slides over video conferencing.
  • Introduction to software development.
  • Resizing Images for Webpage and Print use.


  • Introduction to the Cloud/AWS computing
  • Using S3 to backup or store files
  • Using S3 to publicly host files and using GIT for versioning
  • Hosting domains on AWS with DNS Route 53
  • Using Cloudfront to host a website with SSL
  • Introduction to EC2 for supporting servers
  • Introduction to GIT for AWS Code Commit
  • Introduction to AWS Pipelines for pushing code from Github or Code Commit to an S3 bucket/Website.
  • Introduction to AWS Lambda

Website Development:

  • Introduction to HUGO for static websites on AWS S3

Starting a small business, we will perform these steps on the day:

  • Registering an ABN and Business Name
  • Registering a domain name and creating a address.
  • Creating a simple landing webpage with your details.
  • Creating a facebook page to display your information.
  • Setting SMART Goals for your business idea
  • Small Business Cashflow - how to invoice people without paying for software.

SME Business Development:

  • Registering an ABN and Business Name
  • Registering a domain name and setting up a Website
  • Setting up multiple business email addresses to a GMAIL/webmail account.
  • Using social media for business marketing.
  • Setting SMART Goals for personal and business
  • Interviewing and hiring Employees (STAR Method)
  • Setting Up a Small Business
  • OHS Inductions
  • Creating an employee induction checklist - creating checklists to fast track new employees
  • Small Business Cashflow
  • LEAN Business Improvements (Finding Waste in a business process)
  • Introduction to Food Safety
  • CPanel and WordPress - How to maintain your website security, backups and managing email.

Medium to Large Enterprises:

  • Writing One Pagers and Six Pagers to senior leadership.

STEM Education:

  • STEM Training with micro computers
  • Basic Electronics
  • How to setup a Raspberry Pi
  • Using the Raspberry Pi to monitor sensors and turn devices on/off


  • How to protect your privacy (syncing contacts)
  • Using Raspberry Pi as VPN/Firewall

Datacentre Training:

  • Basic PC Repair skills
  • Introduction to the datacentre environment
  • Fibre optic cabling and patching
  • Introduction to UPS and Generators
  • Datacentre physical security

General Computer Skills:

  • How to use Gmail and the Google Suite of Applications
  • How to register a domain name and setup email under it.
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