Hive STEM Club preparation


Charge all batteries * Charge 2 iPads for Spheros * Charge 2 Spheros * Charge 2 keyestudio Robots * Charge AA Batteries for other Robots


  • ACER Aspire (Windows 11 Home); ACER Travelmate (Windows 10 Pro);
    • Check powers on and charged.
    • Confirm no Windows Updates are Pending (as this will slow things down)
    • Check Wireless mouse is working.
    • Remove Minecraft Education Edition (unless older kids)

Call Hive to get numbers: Phone: +61 3 6425 2839

  • 2023-02-16: 4 Booked.
  • 2023-02-23:
  • 2023-03-02: 9 Booked.
  • 2023-03-09:


1 Box of Magnet Tiles 3 Laptops plus my own. 3 iPads (2 kids plus mine as backup) Pi WIFI Hotspot (Keyboard and Mouse) Alexa Show - Ask participants what songs they want to listen to (need happy music vibes - otherwise, too quiet) Magnets Robots and Microbits with USB/Batteries.

At STEM Events

  • Plug Pi WIFI In for Hot Spot when everything loads. Make sure online first.
  • Plug in Alexa Show on Bench and connect/test WIFI. Play funky tech music.
  • Plug in Laptops on Tables and connect to STEMClub WIFI
  • Load up Minecraft Education on two laptops and Login as needed.
  • Load up Microbit Programming makecode.
  • Place Robots on each desk with Microbit and USB Cables.
  • Place Magnets into an arrangement and Put two Spheros on ground, connect to two iPads and Sphero EDU.
  • Place Monitor at Front and connect to My Laptop - Fire up Makecode or something.

After STEM Event

Document feedback Email out event information, what everyone did and what is planned for following week.



  • Kids loved building K-Mart robots (are there more kits I can buy)
  • Kids need gloves for pulling apart things.
  • 9 participants doing different things is a lot of work. (need to change this)


  • Phone 5G WIFI wasn’t working well. Laptops were disconnecting due to limited connections and venue WIFI refused to load Minecraft Education maps.
  • Due to above issues, laptops were not 100% ready when people arrived. Wasn’t a relaxed start.
  • Also was quiet like a library, as everyone was focused on laptops. Need music vibe.
  • Improvement: Build a Raspberry Pi WIFI Hotspot that will connect to Phone 5G and support more devices.
  • Improvement: Arrive at 3PM for 3:30PM Start. Which means someone else brings kids.
  • Improvement: Setup Alexa device for people to play with.

Time Spent on Prep/Post work here: 2023-02-22: 4 hours (prep laptops, working out minecraft education account setup; Pi Hotspot setup)