Play/Movie - DNS Strands

What if scenario - DNA checks

A couple are dating and looking to take it to the next level. The male, decides to get a DNA test on the partner to see what traits are compatible, and if there are any warning signs. The DNA test includes personality traits as well as physical ones.

To not cause a relationship issue, the male does it in secret by taking a strand of her hair and sending an off for DNA analysis. When it returns, he finds that the matches include a rare and dangerous cancer condition if not treated, and the personality tests show that DNA like hers are compatible with psychopaths and other deranged people. This scares him.

He breaks off the relationship and their story ends there. At a later date she finds the health information, maybe it’s email to her to follow up, or maybe she finds the receipt and gets information somehow. And then she sees what’s happened and realises she had hair extensions put on recently when this DNA test was done, therefore the test must’ve been from the person who originally owned the hair. She doesn’t read or care about the personality profile. Maybe there is conflict with friends telling her to stop, or be careful.

She finds who sold her the hair extensions, a guy named Allan, and goes on a mission to find the original hair owner to let the person know about the critical floor in their DNA. She brushes aside the psychopathic tendencies or still doesn’t know about it.

She finds the person Alice, same colour hair, but they run away, acting like they have been caught.

For some reason she continues to search again, under a desire to “help” Alice.

As the story moves, Alice is found and it looks like they have been doing “bad” things and everyone is in too deep. The audience assumes that Alice is going to attack back, do bad things, etc…

Twist: We find that Alice assumes their hair is about to be stolen again, she was robbed, or owed money and they took her hair. The bad things we discovered earlier, was Alice getting back at these people. Two wrongs to make a right.

We find that Alan who sold the hair is part of the “underworld” and buys hair with no questions asked. They have been looking for Alice too, and following the adventure, hoping to get back (2nd time) to stop Alice attacking them, once and for all.

Standard ending, protagonist realises it all, is about to die, saves the day, and Alice, the person she has been looking for gets the cancer treatments.

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