Spirit of Tasmania - Policy change

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G’Day Spirit team,

Suggestion/Feedback on the process for taking Pets on the Spirit of Tasmania when walking on, not taking a vehicle.

I believe the process has recently changed to require a buggy trip through the vehicle loading bays. rather than walking up the stairs to Deck ?6? Kennel area.

My assumption is this change was for safety reasons, which is understandable, however the process didn’t work on my booking due to the long traffic lines and having a security personnel away for that time.

Can an exception be added to state that, if the pet can be carried, then the access stairs can be used to the kennel for arrival and for disembarking. Carrying the animal would lower the risk of interactions with other pets or humans.

Suggested Policy for Walk in passengers with Pets: For the safety of all passengers, pets must be physically carried from the checkin area to the Kennels on Deck 6. If the pet cannot be carried, then transport will be arranged via a buggy car though the vehicle loading bay.

This would mean only larger Pets (large dogs) would need to take the buggy.

Thank you!!

Kind regards, David Robinson Ulverstone, Tasmania, Australia

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