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Notes for Training Onsite - In person

Planning to teach - What to remember

Local Activities around Devonport, Ulverstone, and Burnie

Places and Activities we do in the local area of North West Tasmania

Local Events in Central Coast

Planning for local events on the central coast of North Tasmania

Book Shelf

API Information

LDL - Cholesterol

Perry - Boston Terrier

Information on China

Using cPanel and WHM for Websites

Thoughts from USA Visit

Little Athletics

Renting Tesla


AI Lip Sync Notes

Dyson AM10 Humidifier

Final Cut Pro information


Clear Linux Information

ChatGPT/Co-Pilot Information

Arcade Machine

Flutter Dart Notes

Work Music

Computer Games

The Lean House

AI LLM Information

HTML and CSS Notes

Using HTML5 Video Object with Javascript

Using OpenAI API

Python Notes

AI Generated Video Training

Notes on finding the best AI generated Training video creator


My Activities in playing with LLaMA on home PCs

Notes Placing Website on AWS

Personal notes when adding websites to AWS Cloud

Printer Information

General information on the Printers I have/use

Answers to questions

Washing and Drying

Microsoft Windows Information

Public Ideas


Lessons from 3D Objects

NWTAS Education

Tools we use

Remedial Massage Information

Raspberry Pi

Podcasts and Radio Series Information

This page is for storing Audio collections in chronological order.

Book Series Information

This page is for storing book collections in chronological order.

Video Content Creation

This page is my living document for creating videos to share

Social Media Accounts

My Social Media accounts for various projects

Video/TV/Movie Series Information

This page is for storing TV/Movie collections in chronological order.

Information on our house

MacOS X Information

Microsoft Office Tools

Creating 3D Objects

Grants we are monitoring

Motorhome Information

Tastafe TAE Notes

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