Letter to SIXT Geelong, Victoria

to: reservations@sixt.com.au Subject: Request - Geelong Vehicle Hire at Spirit of Tasmania

G’Day Sixt team,

Firstly a thank you to the team at Geelong Sixt, they helped a first time customer quickly get a vehicle for an epic quest, after getting off the boat from Tasmania.

Due to the limited Opening Times at Geelong and no After hours return available, would it be possible for SIXT to establish a vehicle pickup and drop off in the parking area of Spirit of Tasmania Geelong?

For vehicle keys, a safe with remotely controlled PIN access onsite in the parking area or inside the Spirit of Tasmania building?

This would remove the 30 minute walk to the SIXT office and needing to get an Uber/Taxi back. I’d be willing to pay an additional fee for the service if needed, however I expect the rentals to increase.

If Tasmanians knew there was an easy rental when getting off the ferry, they might be more likely to not bring the car over with the extra costs.

Thanks for your support,

Kind regards, David Robinson Ulverstone, Tasmania, Australia

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