Notes on Purchasing Laptops

For Minecraft Education and STEM Coding, 10+ Laptops are needed for the students to use. They don’t need to be fast.

Preferred Specs:

  • 15" Screen. Making sure everyone can easily see it and drag code blocks around.
  • 8GB of Memory. This helps older laptops run faster and I’ve found that Laptops with 8GB are generally better quality ie not the budget/cheap ones when they were originally purchased.
  • Windows 10 or better.

New Laptops:

Preparing a Windows 10 Laptop for STEM Use

  • Connect to WIFI
  • If this is a fresh Install - enter Windows Email Login - But we need to turn off Adverts etc.
  • Install all Updates - If it’s been off for a while, this may take many hours and require rebooting to force updates to install.
  • Remove all Apps not required - As these are older laptops, need to keep things quick.
  • Unlink One Drive - Don’t download my files, also speeds up background processing.
  • Install Minecraft ?
  • Install Minecraft Education -
    • Open EXE downloaded. Next, Next, Next. Add Desktop Shortcut.
    • Watch for software installs behind the scenes. And Approve.

Preparing a Windows 7 Laptop for STEM Use

  • Go through the New setup screens (Laptop was wiped)
  • Connect to WIFI
  • Oh its Windows 10. Skipping.