Perry - Boston Terrier

Treats Liked:

  • Dental Sticks - Anko - Kmart (careful - Made in China )

Washing - Weekly

  1. Put plug in Laundry and fill with warm water till 10CM high.
  2. Place Perry in
  3. Wet coat, stay away from eyes and inside ears.
  4. Run soap down back from Neck and massage in.
  5. Use Cup to run warm water over body to wash soap out. Be careful of Eyes and Ears.
  6. Pickup Perry and place on Large towel. Hold town over Perry in a Triable tent like shape until she completes the shake/spin dry process.
  7. Do a final dry and let her out into the Sun.


Worms Check

Box says Monthly intervals. Check with Vet for Tasmania.

  • 2023-10 Excelpet EZY-Dose for dogs.
    • Needed for travel to Tasmania over Spirit of Tasmania. Kept box and showed Bio Security at checkin.
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