David Robinson

Creating new businesses, building ideas, teaching STEM, and sharing knowledge.


Hive Racetrack Project

Using a Raspberry PI, some IR beams, and two TV Screens to create a cool racetrack timer. Kids are learning to build an aero-dynamic vehicle.

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Skills and Experience

Process Improvement using LEAN/Kaizen Techniques across global teams.


Lean AI

Co-Founder and CTO of Lean AI, a startup that helps businesses improve their standard work and training material.

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Technical Program Manager

Worked at Amazon Web Services as a Technical Program Manager. Worked in and around the AWS Datacentres for 8 years.


Owner / Manager

Managed a Poultry Processing Facility, raising poultry and servicing resturants. This included HR, WHS, QA, and Production Planning.


Technical Skills

Cloud (AWS), Python, UNIX, SQL, Electronics, Raspberry Pi, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more.

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