Technical Resume of David Robinson

G’Day! I’m David Robinson. Passionate about LEAN and teaching STEM.

David Robinson Resume (March 2024)

Ulverstone, Tasmania, Australia 7315 LinkedIn: - hello[delete]

Career Summary

David has a strong technical background from starting one of the first Internet Providers in Northern NSW to working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for 8 years in the high security data centres. At Amazon, David provided training in Lean and worked with global teams to streamline workflows through process and software changes. Recently David has gained his TAE (Training and Education) Certification and is mentoring Tasmanian businesses in Lean and IT.

Key Strengths

  • Problem solving using Lean principles and Root Cause Analysis.
  • Vast technical background from mechanical, electrical, to digital environments.
  • 20+ years working with Datacentre Environments
  • 8 years working in Amazon Datacentre Builds and site Exits.
  • Leadership and business skills from owning businesses to working with corporate entities.
  • Attention to detail with ability to summarise technical information for various audiences.
  • Pushing for innovation and new ideas – Patent Holder patent/US11131692B1/


  • Teaching LEAN Business Improvements at TMEC SWE
  • Mentoring Tasmania businesses in IT and Lean through a Government supported grant.
  • Completing a Diploma of Project Management BSB50820 with an RTO in Australia

Leaning and Development Experience

Lean AI 2023

  • Created training software for people with limited LLND skills.

One Training 2022-2023

  • Taught WHS and Introduction to Computer courses to people with LLND gaps and looking for fulltime work in Ulverstone, Tas.

People Improvers Training RTO 2022 – Ongoing

  • Teaching Introduction to Lean at the Burnie Lean SWE.

Amazon Web Services 2013-2021

  • Teaching LEAN fundamentals to global datacentre technicians.
  • Developing people through Lean projects and mentoring people to achieve success.
  • Leading workshops on developing Lean within the business.
  • Interviewing hundreds of Technicians for roles across Amazon.

Alstonville Free Range Poultry Farm and Processing Facility, NSW 2010 – 2013

  • Managing, HR, and Performance management of the staff onsite.
  • Training new hires in all aspects of the facility and stepping in when needed.
  • Creating Training material including videos and SOPs for safe food handing.

IT/Technical Experience

Lean AI 2023

  • OpenAI ChatGPT API using Python and NodeJS.
  • Open Source LLMs running locally on MacBook Pro.
  • HTML/JS for Training front end software
  • Avatar AI API for generating Text to Avatar + Speech.

Amazon Web Services 2013-2021

  • AWS Cloud technologies including APIs/Database/Lambda/EC2/S3/Cloudfront
  • Python AWS API to pull redshift data, make decisions, upload to DynamoDB
  • HTML/JS frontend workflow engine for global critical event management.
  • Ruby/Rails for reporting of data from inhouse developed tools.
  • Linux/Unix within BareMetal and EC2 cloud environments.
  • IP Networking with Cisco and Linux routers on AWS custom switch equipment.
  • Fibre installation and patching including site to site dark fibre.
  • PC/Server hardware diagnostics and repair. No vendors allowed onsite.

Nornet Enterprises Pty Ltd 2002 – 2010

  • Linux Administration including Install, Management, and End of Life migrations.
  • IP Networking across multiple locations using Cisco equipment.
  • PHP Software development of accounting and user management software.

Project Management Experience

Amazon Web Services 2013-2021 – Technician to Technical Project Manager

  • Directed global DC teams to locate and upgrade companywide fleet of Snowball data storage units. Required automating PM tasks of cutting tickets to teams and confirming actions.
  • Developed dashboards using SQL and AWS Quicksight to drive KPI requirements of DC Managers to action customer storage transfers.
  • Inspired engineering teams then project managed them to patent DC improvements.
  • Managed lean training across the Infra Ops organisation.
  • Owned the Lean Project Database for all Lean PM projects globally. Providing a single source of truth for active and past projects within the Datacentres.
  • Lead a tool development team to engineer a new Fibre Optic tester that was thousands of dollars cheaper than the Fluke unit used within Amazon.
  • Coordinated a global summit in Dublin for Logistics SMEs to implement standards across DC logistics teams and automate vendor tooling.
  • Developed and Implemented a Critical Event workflow engine for global Amazon DCs.
  • Travelled globally to support projects in Singapore, Ireland, US, and Japan.
  • Lead onboarding and training of new Data Technicians in Sydney.
  • Collaborated with engineering teams to migrate DC tools from single DC to multiple regions.
  • Managed DC rollout of critical alarm alert systems to communicate to Security teams that access must be immediately granted to authorised technicians.
  • Managed rack installs at approx. 4 per day, deliver, deploy, and customer handoff.

Education and Training

  • Diploma of Project Management BSB50820 (VET) 2024
  • TAE40116 – Cert IV - Vocational Education and Training (VET) 2023
  • WHS General Construction Induction Training (White Card, Tasmania) 2022
  • TAS Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) 2022
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 2021
  • TAFE Telecommunications Cabling Course - Certificate III 2013
  • ACMA Open Cable License Course for Phone/Data Cabling 2012

Professional Experience

LEAN AI Pty Ltd (2023 – Present)

  • Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
  • Spearheaded the development of training software solutions and Lean business improvements.
  • was founded from the Enterprise Tasmania Start-up Incubator and we have also participated in Giants by Blackbird VC (Venture Capital) group.
  • The company is self-funded at present.

Enterprise Tasmania, Born Global Incubator, Giants by Blackbird VC (Venture Capital) 2023

  • Start-up Founder
  • Born Global Incubator by Enterprize Tasmania is a 12-week program guides aspiring founders through the Lean Startup Method with weekly classes, peer to peer support, and the introduction into the Tasmanian startup ecosystem, ending with a digital Demo Day broadcast to tens of thousands of people. This is where Lean AI Pty Ltd was started.
  • Giants by Blackbird is a community for aspiring and early-stage founders with access to mentors across the globe.

People Improvers Training RTO 2022 – Ongoing - https://lean-leader-swe-burnie-tasmania/

  • Facilitating Lean Training using the Elphinstone SWE (Simulated Work Environment)
  • Providing Lean fundamentals and using Lean tools to demonstrate improvements.
  • Helping participants make connections between the SWE and real world business improvements.

Amazon Web Services 2016-2021 -

  • TPM / Operational Excellence / Lean / DevOps
  • Develop and support software process improvement tooling
  • Use Lean/Kaizen techniques to improve local and global processes
  • Travelled across the globe to share knowledge and improve AWS Datacentres.
  • Implemented global RMA toolset and Datacentre Event Management toolset, leading to significant operational improvements.
  • Created Automation for global ticket management of Non Rack Services (Snowball)
  • Pulled data from multiple systems to create dashboards and tools to action data output.

Amazon Web Services 2013 – 2015 -

  • Support, Install and troubleshoot Server and Network hardware and software.
  • Vendor Management - Maintaining the high levels of Physical and Data Security.
  • Developed Javascript wrapper for Trouble Ticketing System to provide Workflows for Tasks.
  • Automated rack position tester. Verifying rack network position is 100% ready for Rack Install.
  • Developed UNIX Scripts, Grease Monkey Scripts to automate daily activities.
  • Logistics Automation Development – Part allocation and stock control.

Alstonville Free Range Poultry Farm and Processing Facility, NSW 2010 - 2013

  • Managed all aspects of poultry processing plant.
  • HR, Training, Supervising, and Performance monitoring of staff.
  • Implemented improvements to processing room to increase throughput.
  • Automated ordering, allocation of stock, and invoicing using OpenOffice Macros.

Nornet Enterprises Pty Ltd 2002 – 2010, NSW National Internet Service Provider

  • Technical Manager - supporting Servers, Network, and escalation for business accounts.
  • Support migration project from a multiPOP network to a Single POP using Telstra Wholesale.
  • Created 24/7 Support business with a team of technicians able to answer calls and escalate.
  • Migrate Local Plesk Websites to CPANEL Hosted solution.
  • Consolidate Servers to Co-Location Servers in Equinox Sydney under Virtual Environments.

Nornet Pty Ltd 2000 – 2002 NSW Regional Internet Service Provider

  • Technical Director and Shareholder of company.
  • Managed the multi-site IP Network for connecting clients in multiple regional areas.
  • Developed inhouse billing software using PHP and PostgreSQL with online Credit Card Gateway.
  • Monitored all Servers and Networks using Nagios and MRTG. Primary 24/7 Technical Contact.

NSW Government - Department of Commerce, Sydney NSW 1997 – 2001

  • Maintained Solaris, Linux (RedHat), HP & SVR4 UNIX Servers and Internet Firewall Security.
  • Secured servers across government divisions and created an IP DMZ server network.
  • Engineered remote monitoring systems for Power, Temperature and PABX control.
  • Implemented a Dual Link Application Firewall Cluster with redundant Layer 3 Switching.

Integrated System Solutions Corporation Australia, Sydney NSW 1996 – 1997

  • 2nd level MacOS Technician, supporting Apple Networks (AppleTalk)
  • Contracted for 3 weeks and stayed five months. This was my entry into the corporate world.
  • Started learning to programme for MacOS to help migrate drafting users from UNIX to MacOS.

Northern Rivers Telecentre (NRTC) 1994 – 1996 Internet Training Centre

  • NRTC was formed to provide computer and Internet access for the Lismore community. NRTC held training courses from Introduction to Computers to Advanced Desktop Publishing.
  • Provided training in Introduction to Macintosh Computers and Introduction to the Internet.
  • Connected with early 90s Internet artists, UNI Students, all creating videos and unique websites.

Northern Rivers Gateway (NRG) 1994 – 1996 Dial Up Internet Service Provider (ISP)

  • Technical Lead for NRG, one of the first Internet Providers in Regional NSW.
  • Created the ISP using Dial Up Modems, a Cisco Router, and 128K ISDN Connection to Sydney.
  • This was my introduction to UNIX using Slackware Linux on a Desktop PC with multiple serial cards connected to layers of physical modems. It was a Christmas tree of blinking lights at night.
  • Spent many nights playing with Linux and Mac OS to learn about this wonderous Internet.


  • Heavy Rig (HR) Truck License, including Motorcycle License (R)
  • ACMA Open Cable Telecommunication Registration License
  • RSA & Construction White Card
  • WWVP (Working With Vulnerable People) Card

Professional Development

  • 2024-01-31 TCCI Webinar - Worker Wellness and retention.
  • 2024-01-18 APNIC Live Tutorial - Internet Routing & OSPF Fundamentals

Recent Projects/Activities

SOP to Training package tool for Lean AI Pty Ltd to help businesses automate training of their SOP documents. This required using the latest AI Tools to pull in the SOP document text and convert it into a language that could be easily taught and easily adjusted for people with limited English skills. David created a training UI (User Interface) with HTML and JavaScript that was extremely simple to navigate, then used OpenAI to convert the SOP documents into text that could be spoken with explanations of technical terms. Avatar/Video AI tools were then used to generate a training avatar to speak out the training script. This was wrapped into the simple to use UI for people to use on their Desktop or Tablet PCs. We received excellent feedback on the idea and tool development.

AI voice for audio captions was required for the Final Cut Pro video editing tool to create a multi language training video. This required creating a software solution that would import the SRT caption text for the video and then generate the audio based on the language chosen. The audio length would be checked against the time allowed to confirm the speech will fit. The output was a set of audio files that could easily be imported into Final Cut Pro and lined up exactly where the audio needed to be. The result was that Lean AI could quickly convert a training video from English into other languages without needing a human for the audio generation.

Ulverstone science centre at Hive has a racetrack based on gravity acceleration. Kids build racing cars and trace them down the track, they learn physics fundamentals by trying to make their car go the fastest. The Hive requested a digital timer be designed and installed to provide feedback on design changes and how that impacts the car performance. David designed and installed a Raspberry Pi timer solution with 2 large displays to display timers. The timer is started and stopped by infrared beams at each end of the track. The Hive has provided positive feedback from the volunteers on watching the kids interacting and learning from the timer display.

RV Travels - The family required an RV battery system that can provide mains power for all household appliances during the trip around Australia, without needing to use a smelly generator. This required researching lithium batteries and power systems to keep the house powered with the AC for Queensland desert heat. Off the shelf power systems to perform at this level were far outside the family budget. A custom solution was designed, built, and installed with Cloud WIFI and Bluetooth monitoring. This filled the space beneath the seats and the 240v large household inverter fit behind the driver seat. During our travels we were able to utilise induction cooking, removing use of Gas, while running the AC and microwave.

Acknowledgment of Country

• David is located on lutruwita (Tasmania) Aboriginal land, sea and waterways. I acknowledge, with deep respect the traditional owners of this land, the Palawa people. • I pay respects to Elders past and present as the knowledge holders and sharers. I stand for a future that profoundly respects and acknowledges Aboriginal perspectives, culture, language, and history.